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Workshops and Mentorship to Come Home to Earth

Reconnecting with the living system of nature is vital to our psychological and spiritual wellbeing.  We are suffering from a dangerous illness in our modern western culture, one of alienation from the natural world. This isolation is one of the true roots of our depression, anxiety, overwhelm, and existential emptiness, and has clearly led to the conditions causing the current ecological destruction on our planet and to the emergence of the Covid-19 virus.  


To shift this disconnection, we must return, as the poet Mary Oliver said, "to our place in the family of things."  This return isn't just appreciation for the natural world, and it isn't simply valuing it as a resource for humans to use.  This must be a deep homecoming to our kinship with all beings, to our belonging as part of nature, and to a deep realization of the infinite complexity and intelligence of the living world.  

I lead workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area called Rewilding Wisdom designed to deepen connection to nature, soul, and spirit.  I teach about returning to the wholeness of the wild ecosystems of our bodies, our psyches, and the more-than-human world.  I'm passionate about rewilding what we've conceptualized wisdom to be - moving from intellectual knowledge to wisdom that is deeply eco-centric and honoring of body, heart, spirit, and mind. The way ahead is to know ourselves as dynamic, embodied manifestations of the wise structures, patterns, and harmony of nature.  I also offer one-on-one mentorship for those who want a guide for deep eco-centric and soul-centric reconnection.

Workshop topics include:​​

  • Moving in our Nature: Dance & movement explorations to connect with wildness inside & out 

  • Wild Belonging: Coming home to the the ecosystem of self and world

  • Reclaiming the Wild Erotic: Connecting with the sensuality of nature 

  • Speaking with Nature: Remembering connection & communication with the more-than-human world

  • Eco-Awakening: Falling in love with the oneness of life 

  • Embodying Healthy Culture: A journey to repair our psychological development

No events currently listed. 

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