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I am a LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) with 15 years of experience providing psychotherapy.  

I have extensive training in many modalities including:
IFS (Internal Family Systems), EMDR, Hakomi Somatic Psychotherapy,  Ecotherapy, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Expressive Arts, and Transpersonal Psychotherapy.

Link here for a more detailed description of my training
and previous clinical & supervisory experience

My educational background is in both Psychology and Social Work:
Master's in Social Welfare, UC Berkeley, 2005
Master's in Health Psychology, University of Surrey, U.K., 1999
Bachelor's in Psychology, UC Santa Cruz, 1994



The presence I bring to therapy

My presence is multi-faceted and engaging.  I am warm, non-judgmental, and nurturing. I can be humorous, inquisitive, and embody an approach of friendly curiosity.  I am passionately creative in therapy, dedicated to finding just the right tools to help guide you in your process.  My work is grounded in deep listening, facilitating our work together to guide your inner wisdom. 

My approach to therapy

I believe our most challenging moments can be sacred doorways to transformation.  We each have a deep inner wisdom and tremendous power can be found when we connect to this.  My approach in therapy honors this wisdom on all levels - body, mind, and spirit.  I also believe it is vital to reconnect as a part of the living system of nature, and through this wisdom, reclaim our true sense of belonging and humanity.


I believe our beings are always moving towards balance & integration.  The work of re-patterning outdated protection and management strategies we've understandably built up, but that no longer serve us, allows us to finally be able to say yes to our full, authentic self.  I work with each of my clients from the perspective of their inherent wholeness, beyond any symptoms or wounding.  This is a positive and life-affirming approach.  

My Story

I have a strong commitment to my constant growth as a therapist and a human being. I see the essence of my personal path and my work in psychotherapy as understanding not-seperateness on all levels – welcoming all parts of our psyches, finding relational healing, finding the truth of not-seperateness spiritually, and ecologically coming back home to our belonging as part of the natural world.  As a white, cis-gendered woman, a vital part of my path is a commitment to continually challenging my own conceptions and norms with anti-racist, de-colonizing, and anti-oppression perspectives, education, and dialogue. I use she/her pronouns.  


I took the route of becoming a psychotherapist through being a social worker because I have a commitment to social justice, and wanted to begin my psychotherapy career working in the public sector. I worked for UCSF at community mental health clinics for 8 years as a Clinical Social Worker, providing individual and group psychotherapy and practical case management to people with severe mental health issues, substance dependence, homelessness, chronic medical issues, and trauma.

For the last 4 years of this work, I was a Clinical Supervisor training, mentoring, and supervising other therapists. I have a depth of training and experience from this part of my career - trauma treatment, treating depression and anxiety, working with crisis, addiction, medical issues, and transitions – that serves me well in private psychotherapy.  I became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in 2008.

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I have a lifelong dedication to a path of spiritual inquiry. I grew up devoutly Christian (Lutheran), and in my adult life have studied and practiced Zen Buddhism, Tibetian Buddhism, Tantric Philosophy & Meditation, Yoga (asana, meditation, pranayama & yoga-nidra), Christian mysticism, Animism, and most deeply, Insight Meditation (also known as Vipassana or Mindfulness) and non-dual inquiry (Advaita Vedanta).  My path in recent years has been focused on earth-based practices and soul-work, which I define as practices allowing me to remember my belonging as a part of the living system of the wild earth, and connecting me with the truth of my most authentic and mythological identity.

Now a woman in my early 50's, I bring a maturity to my psychotherapy practice based not only on training and clinical work, but also on life experience.  I had a career in the corporate world before I became a psychotherapist, and have entrepreneurally started several successful businesses. I have cared for aging parents and midwifed my mother through her death from Alzheimer's.  Like most of us, I have loved, been heartbroken, and grieved the deaths of people beloved to me.  I have been in many different relationship formats.  I have lived with chronic illness, and with depression and anxiety, and learned to successfully balance and heal these.  I have had transpersonal experiences that were both challenging & transformational.  I am a dancer and artist/designer with a successful jewelry business.  I find myself time and time again humbled by the richness and mystery of life and how much I learn through self-inquiry, relationships, nature, movement, and by just being present with what is.

My Training

IFS (Internal Family Systems)

Open Circle Training, IFS Institute - 2021

Integrative Somatic Parts Work Training with Frances Booth - 2021

IFS for EMDR Therapists with Bruce Hersey - 2021

IFS-Informed EMDR: The Internal Family Systems Interweave with Bruce Hersey - 2021

IFS Institute Level 1 Training - 2022-2023

IFS Institute Level 2 Training in Shame, Anxiety, & Depression - 2024


EMDR Level 1 & 2 – EMDRIA Humanitarian Assistance Program, 2008 

EMDR Level 3 – 5-day Advanced EMDR Training with Dr. Laurel Parnell, 2019

Super Resourcing Training - with Dr. Alison Teal, 2020

Somatic Psychotherapy

Hakomi Cultivating Creative Curiosity & Change Training – 2012

Hakomi Essential Skills Training – 2015

Hakomi Professional Skills Training - 2019-2020

Ecotherapy & Eco-Depth Psychology

Animas Valley Institute - Soulcraft, Animas Visionquest, Wild Mind, Nature & the Human Soul, The Way of Council & Art of Mirroring, Deep Imagination, Advanced Soulcraft Intensives - 2017-2019 

Earthbody Institute Ecotherapy Certificate - 2020



Long-term personal mindfulness practice including 10 week-long or longer mindfulness retreats and a month-long silent retreat at Spiritrock Meditation Center – 2002-present

Facilitated client groups in DBT and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression (MBCTD) and Relaxation & Mindfulness groups for clinic staff at UCSF - 2006-2012

Taught Mindfulness-Based Therapy to staff at UCSF Citywide Clinic and to the UCSF Psychiatric NP program – 2007-2008

Spiritrock Buddhist Psychology Training with Matthew Brensilver - 2021


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

9-month Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Seminar, UCSF/SFGH Dept of Psychosocial Medicine - 2004-2005

Over 100 hours training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), with Alan Fruzetti, University of Reno - 2005-2008

Facilitated DBT groups at UCSF Citywide Clinic - 2006-2012


Expressive Arts & Movement

Study of Contact Improvisation (over 450 hours of training with teachers including Kira Kirsch, Martin Keogh, Vega Lukkonen, Ulli Wittemann), Authentic Movement, contemporary/modern, and partner dance - 2010-present 

Motion Theater with Nina Wise - 2016

Expressive Arts Therapy at JFK University - 2016

Tamalpa Life/Art Process intensive with Anna Halprin - 2017


Transpersonal Therapy

Mindfulness and Buddhist Psychology training & practice - 2002-present

Holotropic Breathwork with Dr. Stan Grof - 2010

Core Shamanism with Michael Harner - 2012

Non-dual inquiry with teachers including Rupert Spira, Adyashanti, Unmani, and Mooji - 2013-present 

Volunteer with the Science & Non-Duality Conference (SAND) - 2014-2019

Awakening Coaching Training with Arjuna Ardagh - 2016-2017

Eco-Depth Psychology training with the Animas Valley Institute - 2017-2019

Practical Animism with Dr. Daniel Foor - 2019


Other Training

Psychodynamic Therapy, UC Berkeley - 2003

Motivational Interviewing Training at the University of New Mexico with William Miller & Theresa Moyers - 2008


Previous Clinical Work Experience 

Senior Clinical Supervisor, UCSF Citywide Forensics Team 2010-2012

Clinical Supervisor, UCSF Citywide Linkage Team 2008-2010

Clinical Social Worker, UCSF Citywide Linkage Team 2006-2008

Clinical Social Worker, SFGH Emergency Dept Case Management 2005-2006

Worked at community clinics with clients diagnosed with severe mental illness (primarily psychotic disorders, bipolar disorder, severe depression, anxiety, and borderline personality disorder), often also with PTSD and substance dependence, and who were often homeless and coping with chronic medical conditions. I provided individual therapy, group therapy, and practical case management. As a supervisor, I was responsible for all intakes including detailed assessment and diagnosis. I managed a team of 5 other therapists and provided clinical supervision, mentorship, and training. 


On the Burning Man Emergency Services Crisis Mental Health Team from 2011-2014

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