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Have you been feeling fully supported in your menopausal journey? (Few of us do!)


Are you experiencing menopause as a doorway to power and wisdom? (Our culture certainly doesn’t!)


Would you like to transform your experience of menopause in community, supporting each other, building our knowledge, stepping into our full power, and changing the cultural narrative about this potent developmental stage in our lives?


Welcome!  You can be part of this change, personally and collectively.

Our Mission

The Moon Passage is a movement to reclaim the power and wisdom of menopause, creating a cultural shift from viewing menopause as a loss - of youth, fertility, relevance, desirability - to this journey being one of initiation into wise eldership and personal & collective truth.

Our Inspiration

Over 1 billion people will be in menopause globally by 2025.  This is a physical and psycho-spiritual stage that is poorly understood by western medicine.  Many experience a huge lack of information and guidance about how to manage symptoms, and that’s broadly what menopausal information that does exist is about - symptom management.  Even more importantly, there is little or no support for the shift in identity that is happening at midlife and who we are becoming as we go through this passage.  The name “menopause” itself conveys a loss, the stopping of monthly cycles.  We have often met this time with fear, anxiety, shame, and silence, knowing that our youth-obsessed, ageist western culture associates this time with a loss of fertility, desirability, and value.  There is a need not only for information about menopause, and wise community support to navigate this rite of passage, but also a shift in our cultural narrative to one that values wise eldership and values the work and knowledge of older women. 


Our Vision


The Moon Passage is being created as a trusted portal for menopausal wisdom, with virtual workshops, retreats, online community, a knowledge archive, and more.  This project is vital to help us navigate this journey as a whole-being rite of passage, a shift in identity, relocating ourselves archetypally, and finding ourselves more alive in our vision of ourselves and the world.  Our goals are to improve mental & emotional health, increase subjective levels of empowerment, increase access to knowledge about physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual wellness, and increase social support, with a butterfly effect transformation on our cultural narrative of menopause, aging, and the value of feminine wisdom.

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