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Are you longing to come home

to your true wholeness and 

a deeper connection to life?

I oYou may be seeking psychotherapy due to a crisis or transition in your life; 

a desire to heal past wounds and trauma; struggles with depression or anxiety; 

relational challenges; or a renewed commitment to personal growth.

Each of these reasons (and many more) can be doorways to profound transformation.  

I specialize in working with people who desire not only healing, but to come home

to deeper meaning in their lives.  You may be looking for a therapist who can understand 

your identity as a change maker, healer, artist, activist, nature lover, or spiritual practitioner.  Or you may want therapy that will help you thrive as someone oriented to or desiring a purpose-driven existence.


My orientation & focus in therapy is to help you reclaim your innate wholeness, 

live authentically, and find your spiritual vitality, especially in challenging times.  

My therapy approach is trauma-informed, attachment-focused, and client-centered.

I also guide people in deepening their connection to the natural world, not just as a resource

for peacefulness or a potent mirror, but as a return to true belonging

Link here to read more about who I work with and issues I specialize in working with.

I bring together a warm & loving approach, many years of experience, and a range of powerful modalities:

IFS (Internal Family Systems)


Somatic Psychotherapy



Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Expressive Arts & Movement

Transpersonal & Depth Psychotherapy

I am currently seeing all clients virtually through a user-friendly and HIPAA-compliant video platform or by phone.  I am available to see clients who live anywhere in California, including Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Cruz, and the broader Bay Area.    


Some of your goals in therapy may be:

  • Finding peace and happiness in your life and relationships

  • Moving through crises feeling even more resilient and confident 

  • Resolving and healing traumatic memories and experiences

  • Learning new skills to communicate effectively

  • Gaining mastery over stress, anxiety, fear & depression

  • Feeling at home in your body & mind

  • Letting go of old patterns and limiting beliefs 

  • Creating and maintaining new patterns for healthy self-care


I can help you with these, as well as:​


  • Exploring a more depthful purpose & direction in life

  • Discovering the spiritual gifts & lessons in challenges  

  • Opening up creativity & freedom of expression 

  • Establishing enriching personal & spiritual practices

  • Integrating psychedelic or spiritual experiences

  • Building a powerful relationship with the natural world


Read more about how I work with you to reach these goals

Clients come to me to work with: 

 Life transitions

Spiritual or existential crises 

Trauma & PTSD

Anxiety & stress


Grief & loss

Relationship challenges

Low self-esteem or persistent self-doubt

Questions about sexual identity, shame, or fuller expression 

Life stage changes – maturing into adulthood, mid-life, perimenopause/menopause, aging, caregiving 

Chronic, life-threatening, or terminal illness

Psychological, relational, & spiritual growth

Issues I work with

In a time of crisis or transition

Whether it's depression, the death of a loved one, a major life transition, overwhelming work stress, a medical crisis, the end of a relationship, or other challenges, having dedicated guidance at these times can be transformative. With the right support, this moment can be a deeply profound gift with the potential to open our hearts to ourself and others in a way we hadn't known possible.


There are important practical steps we will focus on, for example, grieving, improving communication skills, more clearly identifying and asking for what you need, improving self-care, or gaining more connection to emotions and to the body.  More broadly, my goal is to be an clear and nurturing guide, helping you use this crisis as a pathway for growth and meaning.

Who I work with:

I specialize in working with adults, and am only working with individuals, not couples, at this time.

My approach to psychotherapy honors all of who you are, as well as the ecological, cultural, familial, sociological, historical, and political contexts in which you live. Every client who works with me is a unique individual with his/her/their own dreams, strengths, goals, values, and needs. I tailor each session to
meet you in your uniqueness and create an experience of safety, healing, and transformation.

I welcome clients from diverse backgrounds, including people of all gender identities,
sexual orientations, ethnicities, nationalities, and spiritual & religious beliefs.  

I am queer and trans-affirming, sex-positive, kink-knowledgable, and experienced in working with folks in polyamorous or non-monogamous relationships.

I am neuroaffirming, body positive, and welcome people of all body types and abilities. 

Who I work with

Ready to heal old wounds

Parts of your life may have been troubling you for a long time, such as low self-esteem, negative thoughts, feeling out of touch with your body, chronic anxiety, or having difficulty connecting in intimate relationships. These issues often stem from childhood experiences of trauma, abuse, criticism, misunderstanding, bullying, or loss.  These experiences may have shaped your whole perspective on life, or there may just be a subtle feeling that you're always holding yourself back from your full potential.  

You're ready to be free of these limitations


Together, we can explore these vulnerable places and bring curiosity and mindfulness to them. EMDR, IFS, and somatic psychotherapy are powerful tools I use to help bring compassionate movement to these old contractions that are no longer serving you.  This allows the natural healing capacity of your system to open up into balance, and for you to reclaim a experience of being at home and at peace in your body and mind

Deepening your personal and spiritual journey

There is a voice in your heart yearning for more depth. You may long for a more authentic way of life, or want clarity on your deeper purpose. You feel the impact of our culture's disconnection from nature, body, and spirit.  Your old way of life may be changing, and you know you're being asked to transform into a new stage of your being. You want your personal & spiritual practices and experiences to be truly life-changing catalysts


I have a uniquely wide array of skills & tools to help you go deeper. Together we will explore your path, honoring the importance of both healing work and sacred depth in navigating the complexity and richness of life

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